Group 2 Registration

Due to Covid-19 restrictions, SLSSC are resticted to a total of 30 people in the rink, including coaches and parents.  This may change, but for now, we will be splitting our group and have as many as 15 skaters on Tuesday, and 15 different skaters on Thursday.   Each family will be able to register for either Tuesday or Thursday.  We will be prioritizing based on Date of Registration.  


It is important to note that skaters will only be able to enter the rink with one parent and no non-skater siblings, and the completed Health Check.  We apologize if this causes some inconvenience, once again, these restrictions may change.


Finally, Skaters and Parents will be registering using 2 separate links (forms) on Teamsnap.  A new requirement will be for all Skaters and Parents to fill out a Health Check on Teamsnap prior to every practice or event.  It takes 10 seconds to complete but will be required in order for skaters to participate and parents to attend each skating practice.


Please register the skater and parent separately using the links below


  • Pick either Tuesday or Thursday

Group 2 Full Season – Tuesdays

Group 2 Full Season – Thursdays

  • All parents who will be attending must register on teamsnap in order to complete the Health Check prior to attending practice.
  • Parents must be an associate member in order to volunteer.  A minimum of 1 parent for per family must be an associate member.


If you have any questions or the program is filled and you would like to be placed on a waiting list, please do not hesitate to contact either of the following.