Program Description and Fees



Regular Season programs begin in September with our indoor Short Track program. 

Skaters are divided on the ice into smaller groups according to skill level. This is to ensure that there is a good ratio of coaches to skaters. It also allows skaters to progress to higher levels of training when they are ready as individuals. Most young skaters start on hockey or figure skates and progress to speed skates when they are ready (rentals available).

As skaters progress, they have the option to race in meets held in Saskatoon, across Saskatchewan and beyond. For young skaters, races are segregated into very small groups based on ability so that they are always matched with other skaters at a very similar speed, regardless of age. A skater is not allowed to bump or push another skater and there are disqualifications when this happens. Skater are supported by coaches at the meets. The races are exciting for families to watch and a great growth opportunity for the skaters.

The Regular Season Programs are divided into four groups for instruction and training based on ability.  Click on one of the following for information.


To help families and the club manage costs, Regular Season (Group) Fees are broken into 3 components:

  1. Registration Fee Amount – payable upon registration
  2. Fundraising Fee Amount – this fee is paid upfront and families have the option to work off this amount by participating in fundraising
  3. Volunteering Fee Amount – this fee is paid upfront and families have the option to work off this amount by volunteering at meets and events; 1 unit is approximately 8 hours

Where families have more than one child in the club, Fundraising and Volunteering are 100% for the oldest skater and 50% for additional, younger skaters in the family; see “Second+ Skater” lines in Fee Schedule.

See each Group Informaton page for fees. 

Welcome New Members: Need to Know

On meet and greet night, you will be able to::

  • Pick up your skates (if renting)
  • Find help with online registration
  • Speak to coaches, board members and other skaters

You should be aware of the following SLSSC policies:

  • Registration fees must be paid in full
  • Full registration fee must be received by the Club prior to the child going on the ice to skate
  • Refund Policy:
    • Full Season Registration
    • Prior to Dec 31st 50% refund of Registration Fee portion
    • After Dec 31st 50% refund of Registration Fee portion with doctor's note.
    • $50 administration fee will be applied.
    • Fundraising and Volunteer requirements will be adjusted to meet requirements
    • No refunds provided for Group 4 skaters

Our Need to Know Booklet has much of the information you need to get started with the club.  Access it here:

Need to Know Booklet

If you still have questions about the Club and our programs, please contact:
Director Membership Development – at