Fundraising and Volunteering


The SLSSC receives funds from the Lions Clubs in order to support our program.  Lions funding plays a very important part in our ability to provide a strong program for our members.

In addition, in order to make the program more affordable, families have the option to raise funds in order to meet part of their financial commitment. Several fundraising opportunities occur throughout the year and families can pick and choose which ones will work for them.

Fundraising with the SLSSC is accomplished by a variety of projects, ranging from phone book delivery, bingos, food sales, gift card sales, chocolates, etc. Each family may choose to participate in these activities to earn back their fundraising commitment.

Once a family has met their fundraising requirement, they may continue to participate in projects to raise funds that will be credited to their skater account. 75% off the net amount earned by the family (after project expenses) for a given project will be credited to their skater account and 25% goes to the SLSSC.


 Volunteer effort is used to help run the club and events for skaters. The cost of club operations and meets is reduced through leveraging volunteer effort.

A value for time is assigned and families have the option to meet the value of their volunteer obligation either by paying the equivalent amount or contributing volunteer time – either on an ongoing or one-off/project basis.

Volunteering is a rewarding Club requirement. Enthusiastic volunteers ensure the growth and success of our Club. Successful clubs are family oriented. Families earn vounteer credits by helping at the organizational level, on-ice, and by officiating at meets that we host. For more information see our Volunteer Information Document