Group 2 - Learn to Speed Skate

Group 2

For Ages 7 to 10 years

Intended for intermediate skaters either moving up from our Group 1 program or skaters who can attempt to skate backwards, crossover on a corner, stop, and glide on one skate.


This group focuses on learning how to speed skate. Coaches use games, drills, and on-track skating to establish good speed skating technique. Many skaters start participating in local and provincial speed skating meets. Some skating experience is an asset, but older new skaters can also take advantage of this group. Skaters can participate in hockey or figure skates and transition to speed skates (rentals available). Skaters can also start the season in speed skates, skate pick-up is at the end of August annually.

Full regular season: October to the end of March 

Half season: January until the end of March

Registration is open throughout the season.

Dates and Times:

Please see above calendar. 

Location: Lions Arena, 2205 Mceown Ave, Saskatoon  

Equipment: most skaters will wear speed skates, but hockey or figure skates can be used. Additional safety equipment is required and can be found here: Equipment Requirements.

Club Communication: All communication will take place through Slack, please be sure to accept the invitation to join.


If you would like to verify group placement for your skater, please read all the information above, if you still have questions, contact:

One parent from each family MUST register as an Associate Member, in addition to the skater registration. PLEASE DO NOT FORGET THIS STEP.