Financial Assistance

The SLSSC strives to keep its programs within the reach of as many families as possible. The following options are open to families who may need assistance to meet financial obligations:

1) Installment Payments for Full Season Participants

The Registration  Fee component can be split into two instalments. 50% is payable upon registration. The remaining 50% can be paid on November 1st. Please email if you would like to take advantage of this.

2) Third Party Organizations

There are several third party organizations which may be in a position to offer assistance with all or part of the fee. Among these are:

SaskSport – Dream Brokers:

Canadian Tire Jump Start Program:


3) Club Subsidization 

The SLSSC has set aside an amount in its annual budget to help families where cost is a barrier to participation, whether it’s fees or equipment. To apply send an email to This process is confidential to three board members.