Registration – Regular Season

Regular Season registration is accessed through
Speed Skate Canada’s (SSC) online registration system.

**Each child/skater and parent must be registered under
their own individual SSC accounts.**
(There is help to find existing accounts by name and birth date.)


  1. Select the appropriate program and click JOIN.  Make sure to scroll through all of the programs to find the right one for your skater (Group and length of program).
  2. **Each child and parent must be registered under their own separate accounts** Follow the steps to create an ACCOUNT or LOGIN if an account exists for your skater from previous years. Accept TERMS  and accept WAIVER.
  3. Follow steps to PAY ONLINE using your credit card. Remember this is the Registration portion only; additional amounts are due at the end of the season for Fundraising and Volunteering, see Fee Schedule.
    Remember to logout of an account when registration is complete for a skater and login to a separate account to join programs for multiple children and parents.
  4. For all regular season programs, one parent per family must register as an Associate Member for $25. If more than one parent will be volunteering, please purchase two Associate Memberships at $22.50 each; this will ensure parents are covered by insurance.



For more information on the right training level for your child please contact the Director of Coaching:  Brenda Comfort at 306-668-2121 or email

Please review the 2017 – 2018 Fee Schedule to understand the full cost of your program and the options available to you to help to minimize your cash outlay.

For information on the registration process please contact the
Director of Membership Development: Rob Makowsky (306)371-3721 or

Please make sure your child has the right equipment to skate safely! Follow this link to understand what is needed:  Equipment Overview

Refund Policy
Registration Fee Portion
       Full Season:  Prior to Dec 31st 50% refund; after Dec 31st 50% refund with Dr.’s Note
      Half Season/SLTS:  No refund after first night of skating
Fundraising and Volunteer Fees  
     Fundraising and Volunteer amounts are forgiven. Any amounts accumulated due to earning Volunteer Credits or Fundraising are not refunded.